About Me


Artist, UX & Product Designer

Bo Kristensen

I’m a digital nerd, family man, and avid cyclist with way too many not enough sneakers.


I started drawing on walls at the age of 3. By the age of 5, I was taking home first place in my school art contest. The prize? A sweet Millenium Falcon model. By the age of 12, I brought in my first fist full of dollars from a client. After going to UNO for fine arts, I found that starving sucks and transitioned into graphic art.

That path started bringing home bacon when I joined a professional drag race company as their designer. I continued my journey with the Baltimore Orioles as their design lead, then to a digital marketing agency as their Director of Experience Design, followed by an awesome wedding start up where I currently lead the digital product design.


Our roof is paid by building fun digital products and combatting bad user experience, but I still manage to sprinkle in pencil sketches daily and even produce some content for my youtube subscribers. Because also being a husband, dad, and avid cyclist isn’t enough, I have found a few hours each week to work with superhero developers on fun projects like a new app. More on that later.


In cycling, goats are considered athletes that can ride up a mountain fast. Gorillas are heavier riders that have gobs of power and can sprint to win at the finish, but might not do as well going uphill. In 2015, I lost a bunch of weight and essentially went from a gorilla to a goat.