Client Spotlight: Dog’s Best Trend

I picked up a client earlier last year that brings in a new market for me: Dog subscription service. Even more, a dog bandana/scarf subscription service.

It really has been a fun project. I have been playing multiple creative roles to help them get off the ground. I worked on their branding, site UX and design, bandana designs, artist collab consultations, and even shot a few photography sessions. I was even tasked with coming up with name options. Jim, the company founder, settled on Dog’s Best Trend. Let me tell you, shooting dogs are a real challenge. I have worked a handful of dog photoshoots while at the O’s, but I was never behind the lens. Much respect, Todd. Pro tip: Bring lot’s of treats, water, and a water bowl.

This is Drago. He was wearing one of the first silkscreened polyester prototypes. He could also be distracted easily.

I worked with Dog’s Best Trend for much of the year, but the deliveries are a surprise to their subscribers, so I had to wait before I could talk about my great experience and show some work. In the coming weeks, I will have a case study up in the My Work section. So keep an eye out.

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