Rainbow glitching all the things

So if you saw my youtube video where I customized my cycling shoes, then you will recognize this pattern. I didn’t really know what to call it, so I called it ‘rainbow glitch.’ It’s really just a gradient of scribbles but looks cool as hell on everything I have put it on.

Basically, I’m using Uni Posca fine point paint markers to create the patterns. I just transition from one color to the next to create a rainbow effect. The colors are vibrant and really pop on dark backgrounds. These markers pretty much write on everything but perform the best on smooth surfaces. Porous or fabric surfaces require a bit more time and effort to work well. Pro tip: if covering a matte black surface, use the black marker first to cover text and logos that might distract you from the design.

It actually started on my notebook first. Then to my cycling shoes. Now my headphones. Wait till you see what I’m doing with my Vans.

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