Sketch a day: Fave Subreddit

For this one, you kind of need to know what Reddit is. Then you need to know what a subreddit is.

You know those interesting stories that you see people post on Facebook. Not the BS ones that are all over the internet. The unique ones. And they probably come from the same person. That person always shares great story links. Yeah, that unoriginal ass is just reposting the original story that made the front page of the curated threads of awesome:

Reddit has a front page. This is a list of images/thoughts/links deemed so interesting, funny, or important, that other members upvoted the shit out of it so that it was the first thing you see when logging in. But these images/thoughts/links actually started on a much lower level. Reddit is actually made of tons of individual subforums all branded by topic type or interest. These are called subreddits. Someone posts an image/thought/link. If it gets upvoted enough, it sees 15 minutes of fame on the front page.

There are so many subreddits, that you can do a random search for anything, and there are a group of users that are talking about it in some manner in a related subreddit. For instance, my Sketch a day prompts come for a subreddit called Sketch Daily, or r/sketchdaily. But my favorite subreddit is r/vans. You, Vans are my thing, and the group is big enough to get regular movement but small enough so you can actually be involved.

Today’s prompt was “Favorite subreddit.” Waffles up!

<p class=”ppb_subtitle”>11″ x 8.5″
Ink on cream card stock</p>

When you see it…


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