DOCG: Card 3 of 52

As it is every Friday, today’s ‘Sketch a Day’ prompt was “Free sketch.” So I will use Fridays to build on this Deck of Cycling Greats card series.

For the third card in the series, I decided to go with my favorite cyclocross cyclist, Jeremy “J-Pows” Powers. If you follow cyclocross, then you know his name well. Hell if you are interested in pro cycling at all, you probably have heard his name. He really needs no introduction, but let me just sum up how good he is: J-Pows is the US National Champ in cyclocross multiple times over.

In his first year in the stars and stripes, he absolutely crushed a race here in my own backyard of Castle Rock, CO. It’s not often that you can just run over to a top event, see your favorite athletes bash it out, take some dope pics, then run home. I got a bunch of great shots and decided to use one for reference for card #3.

Jeremy Powers (left)

Anyways. On to the sketch. This is the part where you watch the vid.

Jeremy Powers
2.5″ x 3.5″
Sharpie on playing card

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