My project for the year

2017 is all about goals. I mentioned more creativity, sketching every day, time management, etc. I’m adding to it. I was gifted this set of playing cards from my wife. They are a great gift. I love to play cards or games that allow me to be the best player at the table. I’m looking at you Cranium. Half of the whole game is drawing or sculpting. Cake.

Back to the cards. They have a cycling inspiration in their design and clean aesthetic. The colors are branded in Rapha’s standard black and pink. Looks cool. Plays like shit. The pink is difficult to read. We played one night of Tripoli, then I shelved them. But I like the idea of them.

So then I came up with a plan. 52 cards. 52 weeks. I will turn each card into a canvas by sketching a different one of my favorite cyclists to watch (past or present). I started making a list. I have about 16 that I know I want to do. Then, every three months, I would like to paint a full sized canvas of one of the cyclists. That lines me up for 4 paintings for the year. Maybe it’s not all paintings. I’m not 100% on that yet. Maybe each one is a different medium. Who knows. Anyways, on to card #1.

Alex Howes
2.5″ x 3.5″
Sharpie on playing card

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