Rainbow glitching my Shimano cycling shoes

I wanted to switch some things up with my cycling shoes. I have fallen in love with my all-white Giro lace ups. In turn, I have also fallen out of love with my all black Shimano strap downs. Both for various reasons, but mainly due to color. I just really like the all white and hate the all black. I tend to wear some really colorful kit and the black just kills it.

So I placed an order for some Uni Posca paint markers specifically for this project. I saw a review online and I was sold. The best part is they live up to the hype. They worked incredibly well on these shoes. If you are interested in learning more, Google is your friend and they are priced well on Amazon. Customizing the shoes was really quite simple. I actually created a YouTube video tutorial of the entire process, which you can watch below.

So how do they look on a ride? In a word: Dope! I loved looking down and seeing the bright, vibrant colors spinning the pedals. They pretty much work with any color, which is the plan.

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