Sketch a day(s): Barbershop, Feet, and Free Sketch

I got lazy. I wrapped a lot into one with this ‘Sketch a Day.’ I used both Thursday (Barbershop or alternatively, feet) and Friday’s (Free sketch) prompts to put in the rest of work needed to finish off a project a week in the making.

I took my vans checkerboard slip-on shoes and customized them to be more my style (feet). As an added detail inspired by Thursday’s main prompt, I added a straight razor to the back of the left shoe (barbershop). On the right, added the script, “You rust when you rest” as a literal point at straight razors, but more intentionally¬†stating to never stop putting in work. Treat every day like it’s your first day. Stay hungry.

Come back for a time-lapse video of the process this weekend.

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